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College begins by first learning how to pay for it!

Joe MacMunn, President

Jo-Ann MacMunn,

V.P. Business Relations

College Funding Solutions is the leading provider in New England of financial aid services and has engineered a total solution for parents who wonder how they are going to pay for college.

Joe MacMunn, founder and owner of College Funding Solutions had two goals in mind when he created his company:

1.  Legitimize an industry sorely needed by most families and greatly misunderstood by some well-meaning detractors from academia.

2.  Helping families to more easily afford to send their children to college by virtually eliminating the administrative nightmare, which is littered with countless opportunities for errors causing families to lose some or all of their financial aid.

Since one-in-seven FAFSA forms are returned unprocessed and many more contain errors or omissions that can cause you to lose financial aid, College Funding Solutions developed a system to help protect you from becoming a victim of the financial aid system. 

Our Mission

College Funding Solutions, Inc. guides parents through the financial aid process and shows them how to maximize the benefits they are eligible for -- without depleting dollars from hard-earned assets, savings or retirement funds that are intended for the parents' future financial stability.

Our goal is to examine ways in which a family can lower their education costs by providing an assessment of the parents' financial profile and identifying areas of potential savings in college costs by increasing their eligibility for financial aid.

We accomplish this by suggesting strategies that restructure a family's financial profile in compliance with financial aid formulas, so that families gain access to federal and state aide, as well as to campus-based scholarships, loans, grants and work study programs.

Our Pledge To Parents

We will listen to you carefully, so we can show you all the available options that will give you what you want, rather than give you an opinion based on what we think you should have.

We will always put your best interest first, even if it means referring you to someone else who can serve you better, or letting you know that we can't help you.

We will never apply any "sales pressure" , or try to rush you to make a decision.  We find out from you what's important to you.  We'll make you aware of all your options.  We'll advise you of the benefits and features of each option, as well as drawbacks.  Once you decide which options you're most comfortable with, we'll help you choose the most competitive providers.

We will provide superior customer support  long after any transactions are completed.

We will deliver a world-class, result oriented financial aid service firmly planted on the foundation of uncompromising integrity. 

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