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Jo-Ann MacMunn

Jo-Ann joined College Funding Solutions Inc in May 2012 after spending 20+ years in the corporate world.  Her background is in Credit and Finance.

Joe and Jo-Ann were married in April 2013 and live in Clinton, Massachusetts.  Combined they have 3 daughters ranging from 21 to 25.  Jo-Ann's daughter is a 2015, magna cum laude graduate of Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island and Joe's youngest is currently a Junior at Endicott College.

Joe and Jo-Ann are firm believers that any parent, regardless of their background or financial circumstances, can send their child to college if they know how to play the financial aid game properly. 

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Joe MacMunn is the leading college funding expert in New England.

Since Joe started his local college funding business, he had helped hundreds of parents in and around New England to send their children to college without spending their life's savings or mortgaging their house to the hilt!

Joe graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from Northeastern University.  He is a member of the National Association of College Funding Advisors and also certified with the American College Funding Advisors.

Joe is a highly sought after speaker and media favorite with his insider's secrets on how to legally beat the high cost of college. He has appeared on The Today Show, Money Matters Radio and in numerous newspapers.

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