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This 29 minute video is a must for students and parents alike. It is a very informative interview on preparing and applying to college. 

Not watching this video could be hazardous to your college career! So make a cup of cocoa or a latte and find out the wonders of this insiders view to the college admission application process.

Dean Flagel is currently the Dean of Admissions at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Money Saving Strategies For Highs School Sophomores And Below

Obtaining College Grants and College Scholarships

Parents and students should work together to keep the high cost of college as low as possible. If you're a sophomore in high school or below, or a parent of the aforementioned, now is the best time for you to research college scholarships. A well thought out plan combined with teamwork will increase your chances of receiving free scholarships and free grants.

When should you start planning for your children's college education?

Instinctively parents know the correct answer. Sadly, while most parents know they should have started planning when their children were first born few do anything about it. Since we can't turn back the hands of time this is your best last chance to more easily afford to send your children to college. It's vital you do all you can from this point forward or you'll pay more than you have too which could jeopardize you ability to retire.

The following recommendations are strategies for helping reduce the high cost of college whether college is 3 years away or 18 years away. Both parents and students have responsibilities in there mutual quest for college grants and for free college scholarships.

What Can Students Do To Help Their Parents

  1. Student Positioning. Learn how to make yourself an attractive candidate for the various colleges. Increasing your community appeal increases your chances of receiving college grants and or free college scholarships. Educational grants for schools and college scholarships for high school students are both great ways to capitalize on your student positioning efforts and a just reward for your hard work.

  2. A strong GPA. Your job is to get good grades. If you succeed with your studies and receive good grades and strong SAT/ACT scores you'll be rewarded by enhancing your chance for free college scholarships, college grants and other educational grants for school.

What Can Parents Do To Make Paying For College Easier

  1. You need to move your includable assets into non-includable accounts. This is what we called parent positioning. This strategy is key to receiving more financial aid than you may have thought possible. If your assets are exposed to either the federal or institutional methodology you can reduce the amount you have to pay by altering ownership or sheltering those assets into non-includable accounts. Be careful to properly and legally implement the available strategies. If you err here it could be very costly when you complete the FAFSA. This is where you should seek the advice of a qualified college financial aid consultant.

  2. You need to develop cash flow scenarios. Convert short-term debt into long-term debt and take full advantage of low interest student loans. Take full advantage strategies to tax deduct the cost of college. There are some creativestrategies for tax deducting college costs that work for nearly everyone over and above the Lifetime Learning Credit, Hope Scholarship Credit and student loan interest deduction.

  3. You should evaluate the pros and cons of implementing a 529 savings plan or a prepaid tuition program.

  4. You should seek help from a financial aid consultant and assess the implications and ramifications paying for college may have on your ability to retire or pay off your house. If you have more than one child, game plan how you'll be able to send more than one child to college without going broke.

  5. Learn the rules and regulations that govern financial aid. Learn how to use them to your advantage. Discover how to receive more free college scholarships and college grants so you'll have fewer student loans to pay back. Become a student of the financial aid process and you'll be rewarded.