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Testimonials from our clients!

Sean Dunphy, Chief Justice, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Mr. MacMunn, I write to express my personal thanks and that of all the Probate and Family Court judges for your participation at the Spring Probate and Family Court Judicial Conference.

The evaluations indicated that all participants found your presentation very interesting and that the information will be useful to them in their work.

Again, my thanks for the generous contribution of your time and thought to an area of great importance to us.

Brian & Lorraine, Westfield MA

As the parents of a high school Senior and Junior, we suddenly began to realize how expensive 8 years of college were going to be.  We stressed over the thought of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in tuition.  After our first meeting with Joe MacMunn from College Funding Solutions, we were convinced that he could help us obtain financial aid that we never thought we were eligible for.  By walking us through the process and helping us complete all the forms, we found ourselves in a better position to provide a college education for both of our children without being in debt until after retirement.

Gavin, President of Bryley Systems, Hudson MA

I have two kids in college, one at a state school and one at a private school.  Working with Joe MacMunn of College Funding Solutions, I was able to secure over $2,500 in assistance directly from the private school, even after they turned me down initially.

Mass Academy of Math and Science Seminar

"It was very informative and well presented.  I did not understand the amount of work involved in applying to college.  It was an eye-opener."

"I liked the honesty of the presenter and the different alternatives available so that my son can attend a great college."